Planning a Funeral Service

Funeral services are essential to our society. Refusing to acknowledge a loss of this size can delay the onset of catharsis that allows us to move on with our lives, leaving us exposed to the repercussions of unresolved grief and causing children to be unsure of how to cope with death.

Start with some research

Check what material aid is available around you and see if other people are going through the same thing so you can pool your resources. Asking for feedback from loved ones on what they remember most about the deceased and how they want to be remembered might help you develop a fitting theme for the memorial ceremony. The Internet is a great resource for finding ideas for ceremonies and parties. The first step in planning any successful event is determining a realistic budget. The available funds will play a significant role in determining many following decisions.

Set the parameters: what, who, where, when

The next step is to choose a suitable venue and schedule the day. Create a guest list and send out invites. If you feel certain people were left out of the invitation list, you could always ask those invited to invite individuals they think would enjoy the event. Your expectations and plans for the event may need to be adjusted based on the anticipated turnout.

Don’t be Shy About Asking for Assistance

A pastor or professional celebrant can lead part of the ceremony, and it’s important to consider everyone’s religious beliefs, not only the deceased person’s but those of the people attending the funeral. For example, how a religious group handles a burial is usually set in stone by years of tradition. If most mourners don’t share a common religious background, they may be able to agree on the type of funeral service they’d like based on their own families’ customs.

A planner who can ensure a smooth funeral allows you to be involved in your feelings and engage with people who share your sadness. A professional event planner can also enable a wide variety of services, including those related to the organisation of religious and secular gatherings. You can find the best one stop funeral services in Singapore here.

Find the Right Words for a Funeral or Memorial Service

When planning the ceremony, one good place to start is by looking for some readings that fit the mood you want to set. If you need guidance in selecting appropriate scripture readings, inquiring amongst friends for suggestions, or searching online for poems that capture the depth of your sorrow.